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Colorit Glitter Gel Pens

Is a new substitute of coloring that is even more fun and glittery! This 256 gel pens renders a vibrant color changing universe of colors, the 48 pens in an 1 oz. Can make your coloring experience even more fun and Glitter pens to your heart's content, whether you're coloring in your local library or outside in the sun, these colors will suit your needs.

Colorit Glitter Gel Pen Refills

The new and improved Glitter gel pens come with increased refills! Each pen is adequate for an additional 8 colors, which is enough for all the adventures in the adult coloring book world! Plus, the new Glitter on the pen implies a bit of a high-end look, so in case that searching for a sophisticated Glitter pen, gel pens is the one for you! Looking for fun new colors to add to your adult coloring book? Offers 48 Glitter gel pens with 30 vibrant colors select from your favorite books. These pens make an unrivaled addition to your adult coloring book, and they're straightforward to adopt - just add your favorite book's colors and get going, this color it is a top mix of bright and bold, highlighter and understated light. With an unique design that can be customized to your own liking, these gel pens are top-of-the-line for any adult coloring book, these pens are valuable surrogate to add some extra color to your adult coloring book pages. With various colors and textures available in each pen, you can create any type of look you like, the 96 pack of color it Glitter pens will give you a range of looks to choose from.